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Goodbye and thank you Low Spirit

Goodbye and thank you Low Spirit

Goodbye and thank you Low Spirit

The publishing agreement made in the year 2002 between Low Spirit Music Musikverlag GmbH and the Ural 13 Diktators members was terminated in the summer 2013.

Problematic situation with the agreement made it difficult for Ural 13 Diktators to release new music after their Techno is Dead album release back in 2002.

Termination of the agreement was finally made mutually in friendly co-operation and with no hard feelings. Copyrights of the Ural 13 Diktators songs are now handled without a separate publishing company.

Ural 13 Diktators want to thank Low Spirit for all support and great memories during the last 15 years. Westbam and Hardy Hard supported Ural 13 Diktators career right from the first Ural 13 Records release Diskossa. Hardy Hard produced a fantastic remix of the early track Still Alive and without Low Spirit support, there wouldn’t likely have been Ural 13 Diktators live performances in events like Mayday, Love Parade, Wire, etc.

We wish all the best to Max, Hardy, Klaus & co. and hope to meet again soon in the future.

Low Spirit & Ural 13 Diktators

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