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Ural 13 Diktators are known for their dynamic and visual live performances. Besides recording, the live aspect has been important aspect of the bands career right from the beginning in 1998.

Having toured most of the Europe and Japan they have close to one hundred gigs under their belt. Past appearances include not only the most recognized techno events like Mayday, Love Parade and Wire but also classic club venues like Ostgut (Berlin), Stammheim (Kassel), Liquid Room (Tokyo) and E-Werk (Berlin).

Ural 13 Diktators live is all about the two band members fully dressed-up creating the sounds as they go using hardware synthesizers and other equipment. While the Ural 13 sound is varied and eclectic, the most important task for the band is get the crowd dancing. Video projections are available depending on the venue.


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Live at Kaiku 2013. Photo: Vilhelm Sjöström

Live in 2014 at Dommune (Tokyo)

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