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Ural 13 Diktators – Diskossa

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Ural 13 Diktators - Diskossa

Artist: Ural 13 Diktators

Title: Diskossa

Type: EP

Cat. No: U13001

Formats: 12″, digital

Release date (12″): 13.2.1998

Release date (digital): 22.10.2013


Diskossa is the first Ural 13 Records release and also the debut from the label founders Ural 13 Diktators. It was originally released in February 1998 on vinyl only, limited to 500 copies with no later represses. Remixes of the title track from Michael Mayer, Plastique De Rêve, etc. were released in 2000 by Mental Groove records. This digital re-release contains professionally remastered originals with a previously unreleased version of the title track.

A style called “Sound of Helsinki” was introduced here, combining techno with 80’s Hi-NRG disco and electro pop sounds. Later this sort of idea was popularized by the short lived Electroclash genre. One could consider Diskossa as a northern, alternative counterpart to the Miss Kittin & The Hacker debut release which was to be introduced a couple of months later.

  1. Diskossa means “in the disco” and that’s where you are: Octave basslines and vocoder harmonies combined with metallic FM-synth melodies and arpeggios. Electro disco meets techno. First Ural 13 Diktators track ever made. Classic.
  2. Paraati provides a different view to the Sound of Helsinki idea. Imagine Chicago techno/house producer Robert Armani stuck in the elevator with Hi-NRG disco producer Ian Levine.
  3. 1985 is the most distinctive homage to the 80’s Hi-NRG sound from the diktators. Melancholic but still uplifting composition meet cold synthetic chord stabs and arpeggios take you to a retro futuristic trip.
  4. Manifesti is a hypnotic Finnsh take on ghetto house. A Roland TR-808 drum machine and pitched vocals talking about the rules of disco is all you need.
  5. Uralin Pihlaja is based on a traditional Russian song Uralskaja rjabinushka. Dub techno track made using only an old home keyboard providing charming aesthetics.
  6. Diskossa (2000 Mix) is a previously unreleased version of the title track from the year 2000. Crispier and punchier take on the original. Primetime techno disco.
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