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Helsinki-Chicago Connection EP

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Helsinki-Chicago Connection EP

Artist: Ural 13 Diktators & DJ Skip

Title: Helsinki-Chicago Connection EP

Type: EP

Cat. No: U13002

Formats: 12″, digital

Release date (12″): 13.4.1999

Release date (digital): 29.10.2013

Remix: Jori Hulkkonen


Helsinki-Chicago Connection EP was originally released in 1999 only on vinyl with 1000 copies pressed. Remastered in 2013 for digital release.

This is a special release delivering house sounds not typical for the label. Ural 13 Diktators collaborate here with Chicago’s DJ Skip, famous for his releases on the Dance Mania label. Established Finnish DJ and producer Jori Hulkkonen provides finishing touches with his smooth remix.

  1. Still Alive is a massive electro techno anthem from the dictators. Tap dancing, electro bass lines, pounding beats, latin percussions and screaming synths leave you wondering what happened. Later remixed by Hardy Hard and licensed to the Mayday compilation.
  2. Baby from DJ Skip is a pleasant mix between old school Chicago house grooves and melodic filter house. Nice tool for every house DJ.
  3. Misleading Act continues with the same theme but adds touching melodies, strings, guitars and saxophone for a romantic take on Chicago house.
  4. Misleading Act (Jori Hulkkonen Remix) from the Finnish mastermind takes the original to the deep house territories. A great remix with solid beats and airy atmosphere.
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